So much to do, so little time! It seems to be a common thread for many of us. We are running around, meeting deadlines and appointments and just plain trying to keep up. Whew! Take a deep breath, clear the mind and think about what is important.

How do I do this one may ask? Sometimes just clear the head by making a continuous list of whatever pops in the mind. Just start writing! Do not scrutinize, organize or take action on anything at this point. This is the first step to clearing out much of the internal chatter we allow ourselves to frustrate over.

The next step is to review and prioritize the list by the most urgent or necessary to accomplish. An easy way to do this is to give it a numeric value (i.e., 1-10…). I like to break out a few of the simple tasks to see work being accomplished without delay. A quick start if you may. What a sense of accomplishment to scratch an item off the list! It’s a two-fold gift; one of accomplishment and one that the mind is no longer cluttered with things to do. Now, an important action is to keep the list readily available whether on a palm pilot, log, action planner. I use a steno pad which generally holds me for about 1-2 months. It becomes my personal “To Do Bible” so when a thought enters my mind, I list it rather than depending on remembering later. The goal is to keep the mind free of “To Do Chatter!” […]