Thinking about a career as an Interior Designer or Decorator? Or possibly, think it just might be fun to acquire a basic knowledge in design to develop your personal design projects. There is a distinction among the Interior Designer, Interior Decorator, and the Do-It-Yourself adventurer. Most significantly, the difference is in the level of formal education and credentialing one must fulfill.

As a young girl in High School, I dreamed of a career in design. Having a natural talent with clothing construction, pattern making, and a working knowledge of fabrics, I enjoyed creating beautiful gowns form family and friends for many special events. As life takes us on many paths, my journey took me the long way around to the present day career of enjoying ownership of a decorating studio and workroom. Still, the sound of the sewing machines and scissors stitching and clipping through yards of fabric is music to my ears. And, of course, the satisfaction that comes with the completion of a beautiful designed project, acclaimed by a satisfied client is the mark for a job, “well done,”! How I love the creative atmosphere of working with a home interior, clubhouse, stage set, and more…each offers a creative edge.

With the world of HGTV, we have the image that design projects can be completed simply within the constraints of an hour of prime time, even with the commercials! Oh, the illusion of television! Just as TV provides us an illusion about design, do do people romance the profession of design. How much fun it must be to play with color, select lush fabrics and decor, and simply be in creative play all day long! It must be nothing but pure fun, […]