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The Beacon / Interior Views / December 2014

Tis’ the season to be jolly! So why not experience joy in every moment and action? Traditionally, the years end brings people together to celebrate and share in the gift of giving. Oftentimes, the idea of this exchange becomes stressful because of perceived ideas. Giving is not exclusively defined by the wrapped gift. There is a much more precious present that of lending a helping hand, extending a kindness, or expressing words of support. Best when given freely without commitment and most enjoyed when there is an element of surprise. Consider ways to enjoy the present without the concerns of the “present”. Make yours a season of joyful moments!

As we once again find ourselves amidst the holiday season with all of its excitement and splendor, we may also find ourselves in the hustle and bustle of crowds and long lists of things to do to make but another memorable holiday season! The beauty of any holiday can be found in the richness of its traditions, all to be shared with family and friends. Reminded of holidays filled with joy while others fell short due to some situation of life, every holiday was made richer when traditions were shared with others without expectation of outcome.

Traditional activities yield most wonderful memories. Personally, I have no specific recall of the gifts unwrapped over the years. However, I do recall with peace in my heart, the laughter and tears, the surprises, the looks of pride and pleasure on the faces of those we shared our holiday celebrations. Simple or elaborate, the value was not in the perfection of decorations or gifts, rather in the lasting memories these activities created and we continue to share.

Consider your own family traditions. […]

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The Beacon / Interior Views / November 2014

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! May all celebrate this Holiday season with festivity and gratitude by focusing on the many blessings received in every moment of time. A special holiday, Thanksgiving, is a time for social gathering with family and friends, reflection, and a time to appreciate the abundance we receive in our lives. Although things may feel less than perfect or even scarce at times, simple or grand, there is always reason to experience gratitude!

Personally, I am so very grateful for the enjoyment I have through my business, Village Interiors. November is our anniversary month and we are celebrating our twelfth year for having our custom interior decorating studio and workroom! Since taking over the family business, founding in 1969 by my parents Bob and Muriel Sylvester, the workroom established in 2002 has provided me the opportunity to enjoy each and every day as I go to what most will call work. I can honestly say that I enjoy what I do…thus to me, it is not work. I am filled with gratitude and am very blessed with our creative, talented design team, and the many clients who trust us with creating beautiful interior accents for their homes. Many Thanks!

Years prior to establishing the workroom, an article I read described creativity in terms of an equation; “vision + passion + action = creativity”. This would be formula has guided my direction all of these years and still rings true for me today. When situations become challenging or seemingly impossible, this simple equation defines the process to resolve most any issue. IF one of the elements is weak, the creative process becomes weak. It is a simple formula to follow in any situation.

The holiday […]

The Beacon / Interior Views / October 2014

Awareness is the first defense in preventing hazardous situations. There are many household items that in the hands of a curious child can turn into potential hazards. Window coverings are common household products that require proper use to maintain safety. October is designated by the Window Coverings Safety Council, in conjunction with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, as National Window Coverings Safety Month. In an effort to bring awareness and responsiveness within regards to window covering safety.

Parents and caregivers are proactive and wise to check their window coverings for exposed or dangling cords that pose a strangulation hazard to an infant or child. The WCSC and CPSC recommend retrofit or replace corded products with those that are designed with safety features. Further, they recommend, “that only cordless window coverings or those with inaccessible cords be used in homes with young children.”

Corded window coverings are ranked as one of the top five hazards in American homes, with infants and children dying from accidental strangulation with window cords. Many older products may not have the safety devices that the window coverings industry has instituted in the newer product designs. There are many innovative products designed to minimize or eliminate the possibility of hazard from occurring. The window coverings industry is being proactive by designing products to offer safety, convenience of use, and keeping in mind the beauty of the home. Making window fashions safer for homes with infants, young children, and pets must be top priority!

There are products available that are cordless alternatives. When cords cannot be avoided, there are other safety features; cord tensioner and cord cleat that either hold cords taut or allow the excess cord be wrapped. Ideally, it is best […]

The Beacon / Interior Views / September 2014

Thinking about a career as an Interior Designer or Decorator? Or possibly, think it just might be fun to acquire a basic knowledge in design to develop your personal design projects. There is a distinction among the Interior Designer, Interior Decorator, and the Do-It-Yourself adventurer. Most significantly, the difference is in the level of formal education and credentialing one must fulfill.

As a young girl in High School, I dreamed of a career in design. Having a natural talent with clothing construction, pattern making, and a working knowledge of fabrics, I enjoyed creating beautiful gowns form family and friends for many special events. As life takes us on many paths, my journey took me the long way around to the present day career of enjoying ownership of a decorating studio and workroom. Still, the sound of the sewing machines and scissors stitching and clipping through yards of fabric is music to my ears. And, of course, the satisfaction that comes with the completion of a beautiful designed project, acclaimed by a satisfied client is the mark for a job, “well done,”! How I love the creative atmosphere of working with a home interior, clubhouse, stage set, and more…each offers a creative edge.

With the world of HGTV, we have the image that design projects can be completed simply within the constraints of an hour of prime time, even with the commercials! Oh, the illusion of television! Just as TV provides us an illusion about design, do do people romance the profession of design. How much fun it must be to play with color, select lush fabrics and decor, and simply be in creative play all day long! It must be nothing but pure fun, […]

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The Beacon / Interior Views / August 2014

Looking for window treatments that provide a controlled light source, privacy, UV protection and energy efficiency, while satisfying aesthetic appearance can be an overwhelming process because there are so many products available to serve many different design styles and functions. However, the process can be simplified by considering several factors beyond the choice of color, texture, and style.

Shade systems are one type of window covering that can be used alone or in companion with other layers, such as, drapery and valances. Shades provide a broad range of versatility and may be the solution to enhance a window functionally and aesthetically. With many factors to be concerned, how does one make the correct shade system choice? Identifying the key reasons a shade may be needed or wanted is the first step in considering the products that are best suited for the window style and situation. Let’s consider a few of the many options!

First, by determining the directional light source of a window, products can be selected for energy efficiency, light diffusion, UV protection or combination of these issues. Generally, windows facing the north may require more energy-efficient specifications, while a southern exposure may require more light-diffusion qualities to protect the interior environment. East and west windows generally have bright, warm light in the morning and afternoon, respectively. More often than not these windows require shade systems to provide light diffusing qualities and UV blockage.

Once the direction of a window is considered and the light source controlled, the next factor one might consider is the need for privacy. The privacy factor is one of a personal preference based on the location of the window area, the function of the room, security issues, and view. Consider […]

Creativity, Vision, and an Interior Decorating Studio

CREATIVITY what a wonderful word! A few years ago I read an article which defined creativity. It surmised that Vision + Passion + Action = Creativity. So touched by this expression, I wrote it down and preserved it as my own personal mantra and would be formula to propel me on my journey to re-establishing Village Interiors which was “created” through the vision of my parents, Bob and Muriel Sylvester.

Since 1969 my parents together established Village Interiors which later was solely operated by my mother, Muriel. November 2002 was another milestone for Village Interiors where daughter was provided the opportunity to carry on with the family business. What a wonderful opportunity and challenge! Now, November 2004 marks our 2nd year since re-opening with an on-premise workroom which offers custom decorating services and specialty window and home furnishing designs with a haute couture flair. What “creative” fun we have!

We extend our sincerest “Thank You” to our community and especially to our clients whom have come through our doors with their support and confidence. The relationships we have built through mutual trust and understanding has provided us the freedom to continually practice the art of creativity. We are so very proud of our many successes and the compliments received.

Creativity is an art and a process. The process begins by listening to the client and developing an understanding of their desired outcome on a project. The initial vision an individual perceives about the design of their home interiors is very personal to them. By listening and observing, the creative coordinator is able to step into ACTION by selecting styles and textiles […]