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Passementerie—the Sugar & Spice of Decorating

Do you like icing on a cake, displays of attitude, style, drama, creative adventures? Possibly then you are a personality which also enjoys the use of passementries in your design projects. Passe….what you ask?

Passementerie (pahs ‘mahn tree) sounds like a scrumptious dessert, right? Actually, it is a delicacy of another kind. A French word meaning “add-on”, this is the term used in the world of design to identify the array of specialty trimmings, often elaborate and utilized to embellish window coverings, bedding ensembles, furniture, accessories and much more. Trimmings are applied to create a mood, denote a style period, or simply to display a creative embellishment. It adds flair and attitude to an otherwise basic design form. They are the applications which change ordinary into extraordinary!

Passementarie constitutes are variety of trims and decorations; buttons, braids, borders, bullions, cords, fringes, gimps, ruches, and more which fall within the classification decorative embellishments. They are available in a multitude of colors, styles, and textures. Feathers, beads, bobbles, wood, and acrylics all can be implemented in the creation of novelty and elegant trimmings. Experimentation with different types of elements and materials, “added to” a decorative design project allows for creative zest and personal expression. For example, draperies serve a functional purpose. However, beyond the pure form and function of a drapery, trimmings applied add an element style, flair, and can assist in setting the ambiance of the design arena. Trim designs can define and change the plain and ordinary and evoke ideals of romance, fantasy, exotic, and more. The creative opportunities are endless.

Trimmings are manufactured in a variety […]

What’s in a Drape? Custom Draperies the Way We See It…

What’s in a drape anyway? There are many techniques which can make the finishing of a window treatment much more luxurious. Some of these techniques are simple changes of header styles, embellishing leading edges and hems with trims, welts or bandings. Each can create a unique finishing detail to a drapery.

Dressing your windows in style can range from the very simple to the very elaborate. Simple techniques can be used to create even a flat sheet into a fun and fanciful treatment. The truth be known, anybody can make their own curtains. However, personal creativity, time, desire, budget and space are factors which may dictate the route taken, whether home-created, ready-made or custom-made. Each offer levels of service and knowledge which affect the outcome of your window finishing.

Whether making your own drapery, buying ready made or relying on a designer or workroom to custom design your window treatment, certain drapery knowledge and terminology may be helpful. “Sew What’s” in a drape anyway?…..

Header refers to the top of the drapery. Headers can be flat, pleated, shirred, bound, smocked and more. Depending on the header style selected, buckrum, a stiffening material or special tapes may be utilized to create the header detail.

Hem Allowances may vary depending on the desired outcome. Custom workrooms have traditional standards which provide a rich and elegant finish which allow a drapery to hang gracefully. Hem and header allowances must be added when purchasing yardage to create a drapery. Not planned in can be a costly error if fabrics have been purchased and are no longer available.

Linings are available […]

Creativity, Vision, and an Interior Decorating Studio

CREATIVITY what a wonderful word! A few years ago I read an article which defined creativity. It surmised that Vision + Passion + Action = Creativity. So touched by this expression, I wrote it down and preserved it as my own personal mantra and would be formula to propel me on my journey to re-establishing Village Interiors which was “created” through the vision of my parents, Bob and Muriel Sylvester.

Since 1969 my parents together established Village Interiors which later was solely operated by my mother, Muriel. November 2002 was another milestone for Village Interiors where daughter was provided the opportunity to carry on with the family business. What a wonderful opportunity and challenge! Now, November 2004 marks our 2nd year since re-opening with an on-premise workroom which offers custom decorating services and specialty window and home furnishing designs with a haute couture flair. What “creative” fun we have!

We extend our sincerest “Thank You” to our community and especially to our clients whom have come through our doors with their support and confidence. The relationships we have built through mutual trust and understanding has provided us the freedom to continually practice the art of creativity. We are so very proud of our many successes and the compliments received.

Creativity is an art and a process. The process begins by listening to the client and developing an understanding of their desired outcome on a project. The initial vision an individual perceives about the design of their home interiors is very personal to them. By listening and observing, the creative coordinator is able to step into ACTION by selecting styles and textiles […]

Decorating Tips for the Holiday Season

Decorating for the Holiday Season? It’s a fun and fanciful way to get into the spirit of the season. Yet, so many things to do and so little time. How will it all get done?

One of the hardest things we find to do in the decorating studio is meet deadlines because we’re working in a creative mode. Creativity does not just happen it is created and sometimes takes a little extra time. With all of our best laid plans, situations arise which cause us to schedule, reschedule, plan, change and plan again.

Planning for the holidays is similar to the situations we face in the studio. Decorating and planning the home for the joy of family and friend gatherings, searching for or making the all perfect gift for that very special person, wrapping, cooking and the list goes on and on…… All of these details require creative planning and timing and sometimes things just don’t work out as planned. What is one to do? STOP & BREATHE! The Holiday Season is supposed to be fun and fanciful! So, why not consider some stress busting ideas to make your holidays simple, fun, and fanciful! How, you ask? Some ideas which may help;

When feeling stressed, STOP, BREATHE & TAKE NOTICE! Enjoy the color, the music, the lighting of your surroundings. Around all of the hustle and bustle, the long lines, there are things to enjoy just by taking time to breathe and notice.

SMILE & LAUGH! It’s healthy and it’s contagious! You may never know the difference your smile or laughter makes in the life of another.

EMBELLISH with simplicity. Scented candles […]

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Getting It Done

So much to do, so little time! It seems to be a common thread for many of us. We are running around, meeting deadlines and appointments and just plain trying to keep up. Whew! Take a deep breath, clear the mind and think about what is important.

How do I do this one may ask? Sometimes just clear the head by making a continuous list of whatever pops in the mind. Just start writing! Do not scrutinize, organize or take action on anything at this point. This is the first step to clearing out much of the internal chatter we allow ourselves to frustrate over.

The next step is to review and prioritize the list by the most urgent or necessary to accomplish. An easy way to do this is to give it a numeric value (i.e., 1-10…). I like to break out a few of the simple tasks to see work being accomplished without delay. A quick start if you may. What a sense of accomplishment to scratch an item off the list! It’s a two-fold gift; one of accomplishment and one that the mind is no longer cluttered with things to do. Now, an important action is to keep the list readily available whether on a palm pilot, log, action planner. I use a steno pad which generally holds me for about 1-2 months. It becomes my personal “To Do Bible” so when a thought enters my mind, I list it rather than depending on remembering later. The goal is to keep the mind free of “To Do Chatter!” […]

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