Motorized Window Coverings:

Need privacy and light control for one of those hard to reach areas where it is difficult to operate a drapery or shading system? Trying to find a solution for that bank of windows which takes time to individually operate, or tired of climbing into the bathroom spa to close a shade? There are solutions! Through the use of motorization and automation there are options.

Remote controls have made their way beyond garage door openers and TV controls and are available as options in window treatments applications. Most of the shading remotes operate through an infrared sensor located on or near the shading headrail. Depending on the shading product, remotes have the featured abilities to lift, lower, rotate, tilt and traverse shade or drapery systems.

More elaborate systems can be designed with the use of motorized traversing rods.. The size of motor and type of wiring required is largely dependant on weight of fabric utilized in the window covering, and the aesthetic and functional requirements. Systems can range from a simple motorized traversing drapery treatment to fully automated treatments which are wired to function in synchronization with other activities to create a specific mood or ambiance.

Historically, automated window coverings have been driven mostly by high-end residential and commercial markets. As these products have developed so has the technology to better provide it to the mass market. The leading fabricators for shading systems have recognized this innovation as a value added product to the mainstream market thus making it more readily available and affordable for the consumer.

As the consumer it is important to identify and understand the outcome desired for a motorized window treatment, and communicate this with your fabricator. Your fabricator or window treatment professional should have a good working knowledge to advise the systems which will provide the best value added benefits. Equally important is to utilize the knowledge and talent of an experienced installer who can properly measure and work through control options which will provide the best outcome for customer satisfaction.

A most important factor to understand is that many options for draperies or shadings in motion are available and require varying levels of technical expertise and budget. Whether considering motorization by radio remote, infrared remote, motor with transformer and switch or fully automated panels, your desired outcome and function is key to deciding the most appropriate motorized system for your need.

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