Want Flame Retardant Free Furniture? Exchange Your Flame Retardant Foam Here!

With the recent changes to the laws requiring furniture manufactures to treat their cushions with flame retarding chemicals, we are elated to know that we now have a choice!

If you are health conscious and have furniture you love, but hate the chemicals you know are sitting within your cushions, contact us today to discuss what we can do to recycle your cushions and upgrade with custom fabricated flame-retardant free cushions.

What Inspired Me to Offer this Green Furniture Upgrade?

My son made me watch an amazing documentary he saw on HBO, called Toxic Hot Seat. Watch this short trailer, then watch the entire movie. While I am not saying everyone has to drink this juice, for those who align with the points they are making; I have an optional service to help you ensure the health of your family, and your home.

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