Tis’ the season to be jolly! So why not experience joy in every moment and action? Traditionally, the years end brings people together to celebrate and share in the gift of giving. Oftentimes, the idea of this exchange becomes stressful because of perceived ideas. Giving is not exclusively defined by the wrapped gift. There is a much more precious present that of lending a helping hand, extending a kindness, or expressing words of support. Best when given freely without commitment and most enjoyed when there is an element of surprise. Consider ways to enjoy the present without the concerns of the “present”. Make yours a season of joyful moments!

As we once again find ourselves amidst the holiday season with all of its excitement and splendor, we may also find ourselves in the hustle and bustle of crowds and long lists of things to do to make but another memorable holiday season! The beauty of any holiday can be found in the richness of its traditions, all to be shared with family and friends. Reminded of holidays filled with joy while others fell short due to some situation of life, every holiday was made richer when traditions were shared with others without expectation of outcome.

Traditional activities yield most wonderful memories. Personally, I have no specific recall of the gifts unwrapped over the years. However, I do recall with peace in my heart, the laughter and tears, the surprises, the looks of pride and pleasure on the faces of those we shared our holiday celebrations. Simple or elaborate, the value was not in the perfection of decorations or gifts, rather in the lasting memories these activities created and we continue to share.

Consider your own family traditions. Embellish and share them with family, friends, and others as you go forth celebrating the holiday season. You may find the most simple gesture is the one the most treasured by another who will enjoy and carries forward in creating their own tradition. Remember, it is yours to create and enjoy! It’s never too late to create a new tradition. Most importantly, find peace and contentment in the holiday season…touch lives while enjoying the present!

From our studio to your home, we extend our creative wishes for each of you to be blessed with the spirit of a happy and loving Holiday season…may it be filled with rich tradition and the joy of the precious present! We invite you to visit our studio at 1615 Cypress Drive in Jupiter.