Essence, according to Webster is “the permanent as contrasted with the accidental element of being; the ultimate nature of a thing esp. as opposed to its existence.” Take a moment and reflect on the Essence of your home. What are the special elements and characteristics that make your home environment unique and personal?

Having the privilege of being invited into many homes, the opportunity to view the lifestyle of people from all walks of life and experience exists. Their home interiors are usually an expression of their composite experiences and interests. Their home interiors are usually an expression of their composite experiences and interests. Artwork, photography, family heirlooms, the simple knick-knacks all are expressions of their experiences and enjoyments in life. Standing alone, these artifacts are nothing more than objects. However, mixed with the element of the human experience, they evoke emotion, an element of purpose, Essence. Like architectural monuments and historical artifacts, these objects may withstand the test of time and be associated with some memorable event or purpose. They decorate the home interior and embody the ideals and interest that creates the Essence of the home.

How does the designer create and develop Essence in their design and compliment the Essence of their client? The art of interior design is like working a blank canvas The initial concept may be from a single idea and from that idea, unfolds the masterpiece, the rest of the creative process having been put into action. By learning about the client through a getting-to-know, fact-finding consultation, to learn about their lifestyle, personal interests, and viewing the home surroundings, the designer is able to process this information into a visionary concept. Applying this vision with enthusiasm, this action yields a project by design, not by accident. Enthusiasm and inspiration are the freeing elements that allow the designer of anything to be creative. Enthusiasm is energy that allows freedom for the flow of the ideas and risk-taking, i.e. the Essence of the designer.

Consider children at play, they immerse themselves into their activity; they are free and know no boundaries. It is in this simple behavior that they have the ability to be creative in their art of play. It has no right or wrong. Their creativity is natural and pure, without rules and restraints. They create naturally, the Essence of the child!

So then, how does one create Essence in the home environment? Essence is a natural by-product of creative planning and experience. Once enthusiasm has spawned interest and an idea, it simply follows to formulate a plan and take action. This is when the designer goes on search for the elements to create their masterpiece fitting to the elemental desires and needs of their client. It may search for fabric with varying colors and textures, furniture, or lighting to create a special ambiance or style, or possibly for couture elements in fabrication utilizing specialty techniques and finishes. It is in the embodiment of these ideas and activies that Essence will demonstrate its natural character.