Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! May all celebrate this Holiday season with festivity and gratitude by focusing on the many blessings received in every moment of time. A special holiday, Thanksgiving, is a time for social gathering with family and friends, reflection, and a time to appreciate the abundance we receive in our lives. Although things may feel less than perfect or even scarce at times, simple or grand, there is always reason to experience gratitude!

Personally, I am so very grateful for the enjoyment I have through my business, Village Interiors. November is our anniversary month and we are celebrating our twelfth year for having our custom interior decorating studio and workroom! Since taking over the family business, founding in 1969 by my parents Bob and Muriel Sylvester, the workroom established in 2002 has provided me the opportunity to enjoy each and every day as I go to what most will call work. I can honestly say that I enjoy what I do…thus to me, it is not work. I am filled with gratitude and am very blessed with our creative, talented design team, and the many clients who trust us with creating beautiful interior accents for their homes. Many Thanks!

Years prior to establishing the workroom, an article I read described creativity in terms of an equation; “vision + passion + action = creativity”. This would be formula has guided my direction all of these years and still rings true for me today. When situations become challenging or seemingly impossible, this simple equation defines the process to resolve most any issue. IF one of the elements is weak, the creative process becomes weak. It is a simple formula to follow in any situation.

The holiday season is filled with an inordinate amount of activities with the planning of social gatherings, gift giving, community service projects, and more. Energy is needed to process all of these activities and planning, shopping, decorating, cooking, cleaning, entertaining, gift wrapping, more cleaning…and it goes on non-stop for the enjoyment of “creating” a happy holiday season for all those we care. Consider utilizing the creativity equation while coordinating all of these activities:

- Plan with vision, having an end result in mind.
- Be passionate, exercising, energetic enthusiasm.
- Take action by processing the necessary steps.
= The Creative Outcome

Keep it simple, enlist the assistance of all involved and enjoy a creative holiday season filled with festivity and gratitude. Have fun being creative! Village Interiors welcomes your comments and inquiry. We invite you to check us out by visiting our studio / workroom at 1615 Cypress Drive, Jupiter. Phone 561.746.0686.